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The Mass High-speed Rail Age Witness of 70 Years of Glory

2019-10-14 17:38


The Mass High-speed Rail Age Witness of 70 Years of Glory


In a retrospective view of the development of China’s railway industry, it went through ups and downs along with the country. China railway has the witness of the glory of development of the new China in the past 70 years from ranking the bottom in the world to achieving interlaced network of railway lines and shooting passage of high-speed rails, from the opening of the first railway line to totaling over 30,000 km of the high-speed rails. And China railway industry is to usher into the mass high-speed rail age with 13 cities in Jiangsu province to be interlinked by high-speed rails.

China railway

In the past 70 years, generations of railway people have overcome difficulties to conquer both mountainous areas and bellowing waters for construction of railway lines such as the longest Qinghai-Tibetan railway line with the highest altitude in the world and the super four-line railway arch bridge over River Nu with the longest span in the world and the railway tunnel in Mount Gong in Gaoli named as the geology museum, transforming the natual moats into smooth ways. With construction of 130,000 km of railway and over 30,000 km of the high-speed rails, Chinese railway people are invested with incomparable experience and are determined with confidence that we can go to the world equipped with the railway construction competence to provide benefit to more people in other countries of the world.

In 1978, our late chairman Mr. Deng Xiaoping once commented during his trip on Japanese Shinkansen, “ We are urged to run forward as if pushed by someone behind us.” In 2008, we finally created the first high-speed rail of our own when the R&D and manufacturing capability of CRH train technology in our country lagged far behind that in the developed countries such as Japan, Germany and France. Nevertheless, under the relentless effort of the tenacious railway people, Fuxing bullet trains were independently developed in 2017 with higher technical specification, faster speed and better level of comfort, which indicates the autonomy of our country in railway construction, locomotive manufacturing, operation and management of high-speed rails and even taking the leading position in the world. Nowadays, traveling by high-speed rails is becoming the first option for Chinese people and the transportation is providing facilitation to each sector in national economy while being witness of the rise of China.

high speed railway

With further improved railway network and technology, the railway sector is posing higher requirement for better service quality. Comfortable and convenient travel experience from ticket booking to stepping out of the train compartment has been a demonstration of the original idea and essence of “ Railway of the people is for the people.” from the railway department with their ever improved service quality.

In the past 70 years, having transformed from scratch to abundance, from weakness to strength, China’s railway industry, as the mainstay of the national economy, has pushed forward the development of our country with its own strength and mirrored the glory of the country with its own splendor.