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Strategies for Quality Improvement of Heavy Haul Railway Maintenance

2019-10-15 16:20


Strategies for Quality Improvement of Heavy Haul Railway Maintenance


Overall inspection should be conducted in the maintenance and upkeep of the heavy haul railway lines, including cold damage, insulation joint, and prevention facilities, meanwhile the displacement observation of seamless lines should be performed in advance and scientific high temperature patrol system should be established accordingly before implementation in practice; proper dynamic monitoring and on-foot inspection should be given to discover the problems that occurs to the equipment in heavy haul railway lines for which settlement should be sought with rational solutions.

1. People for maintenance work should also pay more attention to and reinforce the inspection of some key points such as station interval lines, lines within administration, etc. Meticulous inspections should be given to some key points such as joints, fish joints, stiffener to damage, esp. certain points beyond the capability of flaw detectors.

2. Improvement of equipment performance in switch area of railway lines

Being the efficient junction of the railway equipment, the switch area is of primary significance to the stable running of the railway lines and thus require scientific and reasonable measurements to improve the equipment performance in this area. The following 3 measures are recommended: a. Make full use of relevant data including three-dimensional positioning data and dynamic monitoring, etc. to facilitate smooth work progress; b. Conduct grinding and oiling work to the rails in the switch area in accordance with relevant specification; c. Carry out regular maintenance work such as railway tamping and fastener tightening and ballast backfill, etc.

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3. Establishment of sound railway maintenance system

Comprehensive and complete railway maintenance system should be established for more scientific railway maintenance work. Complete equipment maintenance records should be established to achieve shared information and provide scientific basis for equipment maintenance. Meanwhile, complete railway line maintenance system should be established with scientific maintenance plan defined and coupled with multi-functional operation dispatching command system to strengthen accident prevention. Moreover, the function of quality monitoring center should be given full play for comprehensive analysis upon vehicle and track inspection data on weekly and monthly basis for the enhancement of risk prediction and prevention.

4. Improvement of professional quality of operators

As the level of heavy haul railway maintenance is in close correlation with the professional quality of the operators, the training of the operators should be further strengthened to enhance the skills and site operation capacity, thus improving the overall capacity of the operators. Targeted training with employment of multimedia function can be performed to increase the effect of training.