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Precautions For Welded Rail Deburring Device

2019-09-20 13:12


(1) The size of the welded rail deburring device’s edge of the push knife should be modeled after the shape of the rail. Due to the hardness of the knife edge during processing, it must be formed by wire cutting.

(2) When machining the welded rail deburring device’s blade weld groove, it must be processed by machining center or CNC machine tool.

Precautions For Welded Rail Deburring Device

(3) Before the cemented carbide surfacing, the dirt and impurities of the surfacing part of the cutter body need to be cleaned up.Then it was preheated into the furnace and the electrode is also preheated.In order to prevent the cracking of the surfacing layer, the welded rail deburring device should be preheated to 200 °C ~ 400 °C before welding;During the welding process, stress relief is applied every few welds.Immediately after the completion of the surfacing welding of the deburring blade, it should be placed in a dry box for heat preservation and then slowly cooled.

(4) Small welding specifications for welding.The direction of the welding movement adopts a spiral trajectory.One layer of each weld must be cleaned once.When the temperature of the body is too low, the welding should be stopped and reheated into the furnace.

(5) The body of the blade is thicker, and the bending deformation caused by the welding stress during welding is not large.It can be welded directly without tooling.

(6) In order to reduce the dilution ratio of the weld overlay layer, a small current should be used for short arc welding to increase the frequency of lateral swing.

(7) After the welder pushes the railway beads, if the railway beads is not taken, it will be closed.If it is taken out from the end of the rail, it takes a long time to affect the efficiency.Second, after the time is too long, the welding beads is cooled and contracted, and cannot be removed because it is stuck on the rail.

(8) Therefore, thewelded rail deburring device should have a beads-breaking function when designing. When the welding beads is pushed, the welding beads is divided into multiple sections and taken out directly.

Precautions For Welded Rail Deburring Device

(9) welded rail deburring device is easy to damage the base metal.On the one hand, due to the unsynchronized device deburring, under the influence of the inconsistent welding beads pushing resistance, the cutting edge is cut into the steel base metal, and the base metal damage occurs, which affects the joint quality;On the other hand, due to the deformation of the railway base body, when the welding beads is pushed, the temperature of the blade exceeds 400 °C, the rigidity of the cutter body decreases, the deformation amount accumulates, and the cutting edge is recessed inward, resulting in a change in the gap between the rail waist edges, and the cutting edge is damage railway base metal.

So a good welded rail deburring device should have the following characteristics:

1. The blade adopting special high temperature resistant wear materials to ensure long product service life.

2. Repeated heat treatment during production to ensure the products free from deformation.

3. Reasonable design, easy installation and removal to ensure the smooth and flat surface with even margins after deburring.