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Maintenance and Upkeep of Heavy Haul Railways

2019-10-16 08:36


Maintenance and Upkeep of Heavy Haul Railways

The following measures can be taken to achieve successful maintenance and upkeep of heavy haul railways:

1. People undertaking the maintenance work should keep in mind the awareness for geometric dimensioning and make proper calculation for the load bearing of the railway lines in accordance with relevant requirements where various factors such as mass of goods or humans should be taken into consideration to avoid damage to the railways;

2. Scrutiny over the faulted rail gap should be taken and appropriate adjustment be made as a result;

3. Proper oiling measures should be taken to avoid erosion of equipment and thus guarantee the normal and stable operation of equipment. Geometric dimension of the equipment should also be strictly reviewed in accordance with relevant requirements to ensure its compliance and effective rectification should be carried out in case of ultralimit of geometric dimension, or fracture of ballast bed, etc.;

4. Justified measures should be taken as corrective actions for issues such as rail joint dislocation, uneven wear of rails, etc.