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Key Points for the Proper Operation of Ballast Tamping Machines

2019-10-11 10:44


Key Points for the Proper Operation of Ballast Tamping Machines 

Ballast tamping machines are the common equipment used in large-scale construction sites, esp. for railway construction and maintenance work. With ever strengthened construction requirement on site, it is imperative for the construction teams to attach more importance to the safety operation of tamping machines to guarantee the scientific and properly handled daily operation work of tamping machines.

There are some key points to mind:

1. To input correct key parameters for track lifting and lining. The tamping machines currently in use are upgraded generations with very high intelligence level and thus require input of correct data instruction by the operators, esp. the correct parameter input for track lifting and lining. The operators need to input to the CPU of the tamping machine the correct parameters for track lifting and lining to the exact point, and send feedback signal after calculation by computer to ensure the correct track lifting and lining.

2. Inspection of the operation environment. Survey and investigation into the operation environment is a must work for any construction team, while the operation work of railway tamping also requires inspection of operation environment by the work team to ascertain the situation of stability and water absorption of the soil, and surrounding ventilation, etc. which are of influence to various degree to the operation work and demand close attention of the construction team to record the changes for unexpected needs.

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3. Correct understanding of the operation work. As each time of operation work has its specific purpose, implication and environmental and social impact, the construction team need to have correct understanding of the operation work and accordingly give correct instruction to the tamping machines so as to improve the operation efficiency while saving the construction consumption.

4. Real time strict control of construction quality. Construction quality is the criteria for measurement of the construction work and may have impact of various degree to the beneficiary of the construction work, for which the construction quality must be strictly controlled by the construction team.