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How to Maintain the Tamping Device?

2019-08-29 16:12


The tamping vehicle is a kind of large-scale road maintenance machinery, which is generally used for the construction of new lines of railway lines, the cleaning of large and medium-sized cleaning operations of existing lines, and the maintenance of operating lines.In general, tamping vehicles can be divided into two types: positive tamping and road tamping.

The tamping device is the main working device of the tamping , and is mainly used for tamping the ballast of the sleeper on both sides of the rail, thereby improving the compactness of the bolster ballast, and effectively eliminating the cooperation with the hoisting device. The height difference of the track enhances the stability of the track.

For mechanical equipment, the main purpose of maintenance is to prevent the occurrence of damage accidents, to ensure that the tamping device can always maintain a good technical condition and exert maximum working efficiency.For the tamping device of the tamping, comprehensive inspection and maintenance are required at intervals.

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On the one hand, it can ensure the safety of production and reduce the waste of human and material resources; on the other hand, it can prevent the wear of related components and prolong the service life of the tamping device. Generally speaking, the maintenance of the tamping car tamping device can be divided into the following types:

1 Daily maintenance

Routine maintenance refers to routine maintenance before and after tamping.The daily maintenance work of the tamping device requires specific inspections for the following items:

(1) Ensure that the lubricant is sufficient, and if it is found to be insufficient, it should be replenished in time;

(2) Fill the lubricant to lubricate the equipment

(3) Check the eccentric shaft cover for looseness and abnormal bearing noise

(4) Check if the activity of the tamping device is normal

(5) Check the hydraulics and the connections of the pneumatic hose for leaks

(6) Check if the traverse guide bar is loose

2 Regular maintenance

For the general tamping device, it should be inspected and maintained every 50 h, 200 h and 400 h.Maintenance items need to be selected according to the actual situation,ensuring the comprehensiveness and meticulous maintenance.

Taking 400 h of maintenance as an example, due to the poor running time, it is not only necessary to inspect and maintain the various items for 200 h maintenance, but also to do the following:

(1) Replace the failed seal assembly of the clamping cylinder

(2) Check the bearing status on the eccentric shaft

(3) Replace the failed end seal and the seal of the guide post

(4) Replace oil pipes and air pipes with more serious wear

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3 Targeted maintenance

Targeted maintenance includes storage of equipment, inspection and maintenance of running-in period, etc.

(1) When the equipment is temporarily parked, the tamping device of the tamping vehicle should be operated at no load on a regular basis.Ensure that there is a corresponding lubricant film on the surface of each friction part to avoid direct friction between the parts;

(2) When transferring the tamping vehicle, it is necessary to reinforce the locking mechanism of the tamping device.

(3) During the running-in period, the connection of the tamping device should be checked frequently to ensure that the equipment is in good standby state.